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Angelina Jolie diet secrets have been the source of much interest in the two decades she dominated the entertainment industry. The actress is, after all, easily considered among the most beautiful women in the world. Men dream about her and women idolize her. Her body seems to be more toned than ever, leaving the world to wonder just what her diet secrets are.

Angelina Jolie Diet

Angelina Jolie Diet Philosophy

While the actress is dedicated to helping others, she didn’t do so well when it came to carrying on with a vegan diet.

“I love red meat,” the actress said during a press conference for the movie Salt. “I was a vegan for a long time, and it nearly killed me. I found I was not getting enough nutrition.”

Reports have claimed the Angelina Jolie has engaged in a liquid detox diet to quickly lose weight for roles. This has not been substantiated, either by the actress or her trainers. In fact, her trainers have been very forthcoming about Angelina Jolie diet secrets, outlining her diet and fitness plan for each of her most action-packed films.

Angelina Jolie Diet For Weight Loss

The Angelina Jolie diet wasn’t always a part of the actress’s life. She admitted that prior to getting into shape for Tomb Raider in her mid-20s she often skipped breakfast, having a cigarette and cup of coffee. For the film, the she switched to a detox diet that included steamed meat, vegetables, and soy milk.

For the film Salt where the actress plays a CIA agent accused of becoming a Russian spy, Angie focused on a diet that was 70% carbohydrates and 30% proteins. This, the actress’s trainer says, helps her build muscle without losing weight when combined with an anaerobic routine. An anaerobic routine is a routine that focuses on weightlifting as opposed to running, walking, bicycling, or other aerobic activities.

Angelina Jolie diet also includes four or five meals a day, as well as cutting out junk food and empty calories. The actress is only allowed alcohol on weekends when preparing for a role.

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Angelina Jolie Famous Tomb Raider Workout

Tomb Raider WorkoutThe world first took notice of Angelina Jolie’s amazing stamina in the film Tomb Raider. To prepare for the role, which was based on a well-known video game, the actress combined the her diet with a variety of fitness workouts that included yoga, kickboxing, bungee ballet, and diving.

Yoga is still a part of the Angelina Jolie exercise routine today. In fact, she and her husband, megastar Brad Pitt, reportedly practice couples’ yoga in order to strengthen their relationship. Working with spiritual guru Ram Lalji, the couple developed a routine they practice together regularly.

Sword fighting and weapons training were also required preparation for her role that helped get her in shape. Bungee ballet was required as part of her training for the role. The actress often found herself flying through the air on harnesses, exhibiting a grace that awed audiences.

Angelina Jolie Diet Secrets After Childbirth

One of the biggest challenges to a woman’s fitness is childbirth. Not only does pregnancy tend to bring on great weight gain, carrying a baby puts a strain on a woman’s body. It seems that only in Hollywood does a woman go from giving birth to size 0 overnight.

Angelina put an emphasis on baby during each of her pregnancies, putting her regular diet on hold. When asked how she lost weight after giving birth to twins, the actress simply chalked it up to chasing after her kids and breast feeding.

Breast feeding actually does burn calories, with WebMD reporting that it burns as much as 500 calories a day. Nutrition savvy mom s like Angelina Jolie are able to moderate caloric intake to both provide enough nutrition for baby while gradually getting back in shape.

Still, friends said the actress did work a little at getting back into moviemaking shape after the birth of each of her babies. The actress occasionally squeezed a Pilates class into her busy schedule and incorporated fruits and vegetables into her daily diet. While Angelina Jolie diet places an emphasis on weight loss, she doesn’t believe in depriving herself, friends say. She eats whatever she wants, but does so in moderation.

While Jolie is naturally thin, her friends say snacking on popcorn without butter is her secret to success. Low-calorie microwave popcorn is available and butter spray with zero calories can be a great way to get that buttery flavor without adding on the pounds.

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