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Audrina’s killer body is turning heads. How does she do it? Audrina Patridge’s workout and diet plan is a plan anyone can enjoy and reap the benefits of.

Audrina Patridge WorkoutChances are, you remember Audrina Patridge, the long-time friend (and sometimes enemy) and co-star of MTV’s The Hills alongside Lauren Conrad. While The Hills may not run anymore, this former Hills’ star continues to remain in the spotlight. For now, it is Audrina Patridge’s diet plan and workout that keep her in the spotlight.

Having grown up on the Pacific coast, Patridge was raised in swimming pools and the beach.

“I don’t even think twice about wearing a swimsuit because it’s always been a part of my lifestyle,” Audrina told Shape Magazine, “but I have girlfriends who are so afraid to show their bodies, they won’t take off their towels at the beach or pool. It’s a shame because everyone can look good in a suit.”

Throughout her time in the spotlight, Audrina has learned a thing or two about looking good and leading a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to Audrina Patridge’s workout and diet plan, she does it the tried-and-true way; through good old-fashion diet and exercise; no fad diets for this girl. Audrina Patridge shares her weight loss diet insider tips with National magazines and even boasts about her healthy, home cooked meals on Twitter.

Audrina Patridge Shares Her Workout, Weight Loss and Diet Secrets

Audrina Patridge Workout Plan

Exercise plays a key role in Audrina Patridge’s workout. To your surprise, her workout plan may not be what you think. Audrina is able to take a lot of activities that she enjoys and turn them into a workout. Finding an activity you enjoy and sticking with it is half the battle when it comes to committing to a workout plan. With reality television, promoting her fashion line with Bongo and adding a large number of promotional events, Audrina tries to play when she can. Audrina’s workout will often include fun activities. She loves outdoor activities and chances are you won’t find Audrina in a gym when the weather is warm. Audrina swims in the ocean, rides her bike along the boardwalk and enjoys games of beach volleyball with her friends.

Audrina has plenty of tips for beginner or avid exercisers. If you want to stay motivated and achieve the body of your dreams, the following are some Audrina Patridge’s advice:

  • Find a workout buddy (or in Audrina’s case her dog Lady). A workout buddy (or animal) can help keep you motivated. A workout friend can keep you accountable for your workouts and make sure you show up every day for a run or class at the gym. Plus, you can do the same for your fried. If a workout friend isn’t an option, turn to your furry buddy for help. Your dog can make sure you get out for a run or walk on a daily basis.
  • What is the one part of your body that you absolutely love? Whether it’s your abs, arms or legs, Audrina recommends focusing on this body part. When you are having trouble motivating yourself to get up and get active, just remember how good this body part looks. If you don’t exercise, this body part may not be your favorite anymore.
  • Never, ever skip your workouts. Find yourself some sort of motivation to stick to your workout plan. For Audrina, it is the fact that she wants her butt to look great. If you need a little more than that to motivate you, that is okay to. Perhaps, a massage or a new pair of jeans will do the trick. Ultimately, the choice is yours.
  • You need to focus on your entire body. Audrina indicates that you should never skip a certain part of your body just because you don’t like the exercise that keeps them tone. For Audrina, push-ups are her downfall. She wants toned-arms, but doesn’t like the exercise but still does it anyway. Think like Audrina, the benefits outweigh the exercise.

Audrina Patridge Working Out

Audrina Patridge Weight Loss and Nutrition Diet Plan

It is important to remember that no amount of exercise can cancel out a diet full of fats and sugars. Audrina knows this. She works hard and understands the importance of a healthy lifestyle with a well-balanced meal plan. However, this does not mean all of the good things Audrina enjoys have to be eliminated.

Audrina is a huge fan of Mexican food. She loves tacos, quacamole, quesadillas and salsa; yet, she still manages to look great. Audrina is proof that you don’t have to eliminate all of your favorites to lead a healthy lifestyle.

She aims to eat as healthy as possible. Audrina’s favorite healthy meal is fresh salmon with a variety of mixed vegetables. To counteract some of her less healthy eating habits (Mexican food), Audrina makes sure to eat plenty of fruits and veggies in addition to working out. She also avoids sweets and beverages that are loaded with calories.

Overall, you don’t have to be a celebrity to enjoy Audrina Patridge’s workout and diet plan. This is a plan that does not require fancy trainers and gym equipment or expensive food.

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LISA GRAY May 29, 2012 at 6:13 pm

Sometimes I doubt whether celebrities put in a lot of cash to achieve such amazing weight loss. No doubt Audrina is looking gorgeous and is in great shape.


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