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Want a body like Bradley Cooper In The A-Team? Learn his workouts and diet secrets that helped him develop the sculpted physique that makes him look like a member of an elite special forces unit.

Bradley Cooper Sexiset Man 2011After showing off his chiseled body in the movie The A-Team, many men wonder what is the workout secrets of Bradley Cooper to staying in such good shape? The actor opened up about his diet and exercise routine that helped him develop those killer abs and biceps that had women drooling worldwide.

The actor, who was named People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” in 2011, turned to a strict diet and exercise regime during the time he was filming The A-Team.

Ryan Reynolds was voted in 2010 as People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive”

In the movie The A-Team, the actor played Templeton “Faceman” Peck, a smooth ladies’ man who romances beautiful Jessica Biel, making it even more important for the actor playing the role to be in top shape and form.

Bradley Cooper A- Team Workout Routine

In order to get those six-pack abs he wanted for The A-Team, Bradley Cooper knew he’d have to put in long hours at the gym. Working with a personal trainer, the actor began in a high intense interval workout that resulted in the cut, toned body visible when he takes his shirt off in the movie.

The Bradley Cooper Workout involved two hours a day. While the actor admitted he’d been athletic all his life, the A-Team role challenged him in ways he’d never been challenged before physically. Because he was playing a Special Forces soldier, Cooper had to take his already great physique and hone it to elite soldier precision.

The high intense interval 3-2-1 workout developed by celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza helped Bradley Cooper along. The actor has been said to focus on a routine that incorporated three cardio circuits, two strength training circuits, and one core circuit. In all, this part of the workout lasts an hour but it is fast paced and is said to get phenomenal results. For an example of the Bradley Cooper’s circuit workout, try these steps:

  1. Do a five- to ten-minute warm up exercise, such as a light jog.
  2. Do an exercise that works out the lower body, such as lunges.
  3. Five to ten minutes of intense cardio, preferably uphill. Either choose a hilly area outdoors in which to walk or while indoors, set the treadmill at a considerable incline – level 3 or higher to get maximum benefit from the run.
  4. Do another five to ten minutes of lower body exercises, but with different exercises from the first step. Squats are great for lower body muscles. You can also try leg lifts, done either by lying on the ground or holding onto a chair. Doing these exercises in front of a mirror can help you improve form and maximize your benefits.
  5. Complete another five to ten minutes of cardio such as running, elliptical training or swimming.
  6. Do a set of exercises that work out your abs for five to ten minutes. Crunches are great for the abs. Try crunches that incorporate variety to be sure to work out every aspect of your abs. Crunches that require lying flat on the ground while lifting your legs are great for the lower abs.

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Bradley Cooper WorkoutIn Men’s Health, Bradley Cooper advised super-setting exercises that target specific muscles, then working those muscles as hard as possible.

“Super-setting exercises that target the same muscle groups, then going until you can’t do another rep ensures the recruitment of maximum muscle fiber at all times. Which equals more muscle growth.”

He also recommended hanging a photo of your desired body in a place where you see it every day. This can help you stay focused on your goal.

In the end, when Cooper saw the dailies of his performance on The A-Team, he was in awe of the results of his hard work. His first reaction was to think his head had been superimposed on someone else’s body. The actor referenced the Soloflex commercials he grew up watching, saying he’d always wanted to look like the guy in those commercials.

Bradley Cooper’s Diet

In addition to the Bradley Cooper workout plan, the actor focused on a diet that reduced carbohydrates and focused on health. The actor cut sugar, salt, and flour from his diet, focusing instead on those foods every dieter is told to embrace – vegetables and proteins.

Whey Protein IsolateThe actor recommends choosing wisely on protein shakes. In Men’s Health, he stated that many common protein shakes often contain chemicals and fillers that the body has a hard time digesting. This can slow down any weight loss effort. He prefers products that are ‘Whey Protein Isolate’ or is ‘rBGH free’ as well as eat natural foods whenever possible.

Cooper also advised that it is vital to drink lots of water daily to hydrate the body and follow the diet strictly for at least six weeks to rid the body of toxins and maintain one’s hormones at optimal levels to maintain proper muscles growth.

By following these Bradley Cooper workout and diet tips, you can be sure to get the same sculpted physique that will make you look like a member of an elite special forces unit.

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