Brook Burke Workout and Diet Secrets

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Brooke Burke’s workout routine and diet secrets to getting and staying in shape revealed…

Brooke Burke WorkoutBrooke Burke Diet & Weight Loss Secrets To Staying In Shape After Pregnancy

Brooke is well known for being a very sexy woman – even after having 4 kids. In an interview with AskMen magazine, she states that:

“I think there’s definitely a strong message to women and my close friends that I’ve accomplished more as a mother than I did prior to that.”

Motherhood isn’t an excuse for Brooke. It is her main motivation.

Besides being motivated by her kids her big secrets are following a sensible Mediterranean diet and having a “just got to do it” attitude about exercise.

The Philosophy of Her Workout

Brooke is careful not to let her workout time slide even though she is a mom of four kids. She says in an interview with Shape that:

“I keep a large weekly calendar in my kitchen where I write down every event that’s happening in our lives, I always pencil in my workouts there so I’ll really do them.”

This busy working mom gives a high priority to her fitness and it shows. Her main overriding philosophy when it comes to workouts is to have no excuses and make time for taking care of herself. The Brooke Burke workout is all about making time to stay fit.

Brooke Burke Workout Routine

The body Brook Burke has is the result of intense, effective workouts and proper eating. Sitting back and dreaming won’t help in achieving a body like hers. It takes a lot of dedication, passion and will. Here are several of the activities that Brooke does to stay physically fit.

Pilates Plus – Brooke typically does this intense 55 minute full body work out 3 times a week. It is a head to toe class and hits every muscle group in a short amount of time. This is a huge plus for busy moms who don’t have a lot of time to spend in the gym.

Brooke Burke Pilates Workout

Workout DVDs by Gunnar Peterson – Peterson is her personal trainer and she uses his moves to maintain a curved, fully-shaped body. Having a good workout DVD is great when you can’t get out because of weather or when life is too busy to get to the gym.

Good Cardio – Brooke sets the treadmill at a 15 degree angle and walks at a 3.5 mile an hour pace. Working out with an incline on a treadmill is a great way to shape and tone your butt.

The Butt Workout – Many are amazed by Brook’s amazingly sexy butt. She uses a stability ball to do alternate leg raises with her tummy on the ball. Next she does a double leg raise from the same position. Finally she puts the soles of her feet together and pushes up through her legs toward the sky. These are moves any busy mom can do.

Proper Diet – Brook is always conscious when it comes to the food she eats. Instead of eating foods with high carbohydrates, refined sugar and dairy products, she prefers eating vegetables, salad and whole grain foods, and lean protein.

It’s no question why Brook Burke looks sizzling with a beautiful body – even after having 4 children. She takes the time that she needs for herself, and doesn’t feel guilty about it. She eats well and she exercises regularly.

Behind The Scenes With Brooke Burke

Getting Real

One of the things that is the most impressive about Brooke is that she is so real. Her quote in Shape says it all,

“There’s something magical about a woman who feels comfortable in her own skin, power and beauty come from a very deep place. You can look at a supermodel and, yes, she’s beautiful, but then you meet a woman who just has something special about her, who becomes more attractive as you get to know her.”

All women can achieve a good level of fitness with a program like the Brooke Burke workout, but it is even more important for a woman to be comfortable with who she is. Attractiveness comes from a place deep inside, and if you’ve ever watched Brooke, then you know that she is both physically beautiful and a genuinely great person.

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