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When times calls for desperate measures, your favorite celebrities depend on diets to get super skinny. Here’s how your favorite celebrity instantly slimmed down – and how you too can use these celebrity diets to lose weight fast.

Beyonce Knowles: The Master Cleanse Diet

Lemon Juice DietIn preparation for her role in Dreamgirls in 2006, singer Beyonce dropped 20lbs with the Master Cleanse Diet, a modified juice fast.

It only took her weeks to drop the weight. The diet was not easy – she had to abstain from food, turning the normally curvaceous singer into a petite starlet. Compared to most celebrity diets, Beyonce went to extremes – but in the end, she did some serious slimming-down.

The diet: Forget food if you want to try the Master Cleanse Diet. Instead, you will drink a special Master Cleanse beverage, containing maple syrup, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and purified water. The beverage is packed full of the good-for-you nutrients and vitamins to help sustain your health during the fast. Meanwhile, expect to do regular salt water flushes every morning, which reportedly detoxifies your digestive system, resulting in fast weight loss.

Jennifer Aniston: The Zone Diet

Unlike Beyonce, actress Jennifer Aniston doesn’t use crash diets to stay slim – she’s sensible with her eating regimen. The actress has been popularly connected with The Zone Diet, a diet where the calories are divided in protein-fat-carbohydrate ratios. The diet is well-balanced, and allows Aniston to indulge in lean, clean foods all day long without having to stick to any ridiculous diet rules. She’s still reportedly a follower of this diet, and often pairs it with cardio and yoga.

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Reese Witherspoon: The Baby Food Diet

Unlike Aniston, actress Reese Witherspoon prefers to stick to crash celebrity diets to help her slim down for movie roles.

The Baby Food DietThe Walk the Line starlet has been famously connected to The Baby Food Diet, a diet where people eat several jars of baby food every day.

The diet rarely goes above 1,200 calories per day, allowing Witherspoon to shed weight fast.

It’s not exactly an appetizing diet, but it works – any food consumed with a restrictive diet can result in instantaneous weight loss.

Jaime Pressly: The Cabbage Soup Diet

My Name is Earl star Jaime Pressly prefers to lose weight fast with the Cabbage Soup Diet.  You’ve probably heard of this diet before – it’s been a hot topic on Internet message boards since the late 1990s. To lose weight, simply cook the diet’s special cabbage soup, which contains broth, vegetables, and of course, plenty of cabbage. As for any restrictions, there are none – eat as much cabbage soup as you like! The source of this weight loss plan’s power is in the low-calorie soup, which totals no more than 50 calories per serving. It’s definitely not an interesting diet, but it works.

Renee Zellweger: Atkins Diet

Renee Zellweger, like Jennifer Aniston, isn’t a fan of crash celebrity diets – she keeps things sensible with the Atkins Diet. Popularized by Robert Atkins, M.D. in 2003, the Atkins approach involves the restriction of carbohydrates, which Dr. Atkins claims can increase the metabolism. Instead of chowing down on high carbohydrate meals such as pasta or rice, Zellweger opts for high-protein, low-carbohydrate choices, such as chicken breasts and cheese. While it does sound appetizing, Zellweger has to limit all carbohydrates, which may be too restrictive for some people.

Celebrity Weight Loss DietsJessica Simpson: 5 Factor Diet

In preparation for a movie role, actress-singer Jessica Simpson famously slimmed down using a plan called the 5 Factor Diet. Though WebMD.com suggests it may be a “Hollywood gimmick”, 5 Factor Diet founder Harley Pasternak claims it is the easiest diet you can follow. Simply eat five meals a day containing the five elements – protein, fiber, fat, complex carbohydrates and water – and exercise five days a week to see results. For Jessica Simpson, it helped her blast off the fat without feeling deprived or weak.
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