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Want to learn about the Jennifer Aniston diet plan and secrets? Find out how the former Friends star eats to stay super-slim and look young all year round.

Jennifer Aniston DietShe may be over 40, but Jennifer Aniston has the toned, super-petite physique of women 20 years her junior – all thanks to the Jennifer Aniston diet.

Now one of the world’s highest paid movie stars, Aniston is revealing the secrets of her diet, and how she went from a skinny Friends star to one of the hottest women in Hollywood. No weight loss gimmicks here – her body is the result of years of clean eating and smart exercise.

What is Her Diet & Weight Loss Secret to Having a Lean Body in the 40s?

Aniston has followed countless diets over the years – she’s reportedly followed the Zone Diet and the Baby Food Diet, to name a few – but today the over-40 star keeps it simple, with sensible eating habits and exercise.

To stay lean, Aniston goes heavy with her workouts. She fits in high-intensity toning sessions with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, the trainer behind the physiques of Gwyneth Paltrow and pal Courtney Cox. Anderson is known for her high-repetition, high-intensity toning sessions lasting 90 minutes or more, which help keeps Aniston lean and flab-free.

The former Friends star also favors gentle yoga, and reportedly does four to five hours of yoga per week with trainer Mandy Ingber. Celebrity trainer Marco Borges says that Aniston probably got her defined muscles from planks and crescents, exercises targeting her core.

The Jennifer Aniston diet is also rich in complex carbohydrates, such as brown rice, oatmeal and sweet potatoes, which keeps energy levels high. A fan of the Zone Diet, Aniston may still follow this diet today, which emphasizes more protein over fat and carbohydrates. Protein is a natural appetite suppressant, so it’s not surprising why this is a mainstay in the Jennifer Aniston diet. However, she does admit to indulging in dairy and coffee – two of her weaknesses.

Jennifer Aniston

The Atkins Diet, Zone Diet and Baby Food Diet – What are They?

Although Aniston opts for a simpler approach these days, she has experimented with low-carb and crash diets in the past – she has reportedly tried the Atkins Diet, the Zone Diet and the Baby Food diet. Here’s the low-down on these diets:

The Atkins Diet: The king of low-carb diets, the Atkins Diet promises to get people lean by severely restricting carbohydrates. This forces the body to enter ketosis, where the body uses its own fat stores for fuel. The result? Instant weight loss – and reduced hunger levels. The bad: Although the diet is effective, ketosis can cause a myriad of side effects, including constipation and extreme fatigue.

The Zone Diet: The Jennifer Aniston diet is largely based on this diet – a diet hailed as a more reasonable version of the Atkins Diet. How it works: By eating a diet ratio consisting of 30 percent protein, 30 percent fat and 40 percent carbohydrates, you can lose weight effortlessly. While it can’t be classified as a low-carb diet, people generally eat less carbs on this diet compared to other diets, such as the Cabbage Soup Diet. For example, a person on a 1500 calorie diet would consume 150 grams of carbs on the Zone Diet.

The Baby Food Diet: To prepare for her role in Just Go With It, Aniston reportedly stopped her healthy eating regimen in favor of The Baby Food Diet. Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson reportedly recommended the diet to her. To start, you’ll consume 14 jars of pureed baby food, spread throughout the day. At roughly 83 calories per jar, that’s 1162 calories per day – an amount lower than the recommended minimum intake necessary for healthy dieting, or 1200 calories. It’s a quick way to get slim, although it may not be as appetizing as the Zone Diet.

Though she has probably resumed her healthy diet again, Aniston knows how to stay trim and small – and is willing to go to any lengths to stay that way. She tries to keep it reasonable, however, and only goes on extreme diets to prepare for movie roles.

You too can also get slim by following the Jennifer Aniston diet, but remember that dieting alone isn’t enough to get her physique – exercise counts too! Consistency is the key, always.

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Dameka May 12, 2012 at 2:38 am

I love Jennifer Aniston. I think she’s in great shape and always has been. She’s had her fair share of diet tries in her time, and that makes me warm to her even more because a lot of women go through that. I was on the Atkins’ Diet! Tried it twice. Failed twice. Constipation. Severe. Never went back for thirds. Learnt my lesson.

I’m happy she’s now settled on what works for her. I don’t think she’ll look much different in her 50s.


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