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Learn about Jennifer Lopez diet, exercise and workout secrets to looking sexy and fabulous over 40.

Jennifer Lopez DietThe new season of the hit show American Idol has launched it’s 11th season with Jennifer Lopez making her second season appearance as a judge. If you’ve tune in, you’ve likely noticed Lopez looking better than ever. Even with a hectic schedule and having twins, Jennifer Lopez’s diet and exercise program keeps her inline. This is a program that can easily be modified for the everyday individual.

Jennifer Lopez is a 41-year-old mother of adorable, young twins. Between raising twins and her professional career, this American Idol judge looks and feels great thanks to healthy eating. Jennifer Lopez’s diet is a diet plan that can be followed by anyone whether you are a superstar or a hardworking, everyday individual. In addition to diet, Jennifer Lopez’s workout plan has played a large role in her looking better than ever.

It’s All About Portion Control

Jennifer Lopez eats everything that she wants. So what is her secret? Portion control. You can have the things you want and enjoy without having instant remorse after eating. Lopez’s diet secret is portion control. She keeps her body in the best shape possible by eating a sensible diet and controlling her portion sizes.

Lopez generally sticks to five to six small meals per day. By eating five to six smalls meals per day, anyone can succeed on a diet plan. Eating frequently can help prevent food cravings. Instead of running to a vending machine for a snack in the middle of the morning, those who eat small, frequent, healthy meals will feel satisfied throughout the day.

Carbohydrate Intake

As a movie star, Jennifer Lopez takes on a wide-variety of roles in Hollywood. When accepting a role as a leading lady in Hollywood, there are many terms and conditions that come along with each role. For Lopez, she sometimes finds herself needing to drop a few pounds for a role. When this is the case, Jennifer opts to limit her carbohydrate intake. She also eats breakfast as the largest meal of the day; this can really help to rev-up your metabolism throughout the day. When her roles call for dieting, Lopez normally consumes around 1,400 calories on a daily basis.

Shedding Post-Pregnancy Weight

Dukan DietFollowing her pregnancy, Lopez had some baby weight to shed. She reportedly followed the same diet that many celebrities, including Giselle Bundchen, follow to lose post-pregnancy pounds. This diet is known as The Dukan Diet.

The Dukan Diet was created over a decade ago by French physician, Dr. Pierre Dukan. This diet was originally created as a treatment for obese individuals. This diet has a four-phase plan that has been successful for many celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez. The four-phases of this diet center around high-protein, low-calorie meals. The plan also includes plenty of walking to help shed away unwanted pounds.


OK magazine indicates that this American Idol judge uses a service known as Freshology. Freshology provides delicious, nutritious organic entrees and snacks that arrive daily to Lopez’s door and require very little preparation. Daily meals cost around $50 and contain between 1,200 and 1,400 calories each day. This makes eating healthy easy with a hectic schedule easy. There are plenty of food choices – including basil crusted salmon and decadent dark chocolate s’mores.

Fat Torching

For anyone who does not have $50 per day to shell out on organic entrees and snacks, there are plenty of alternatives. Look for organic products in your local grocery store. You can also visit farmer’s markets for locally grown products. If you have a busy schedule, try planning out your meals one week in advance. Purchase the ingredients at the beginning of the week. This way you won’t have to roam aimlessly around your kitchen looking for something to cook each night. As far as snacks go, prepare small baggies of healthy snacks on Sunday and have them ready to go throughout the week. Snacks can include pretzels, veggies and fruit.

Working Out

This busy mother of two still finds time to get in her daily workout. Rumor has it that the twins are frequently seen at the gym with Lopez. According to Shape Magazine, Lopez has three workout secrets that are fun and get her into shape.

  • Zumba. Jennifer Lopez is a big fan of Zumba classes. With excellent dance skills, Lopez has fun and cuts loose while burning plenty of calories and building up her endurance. Fun and exercise is something that everyone can benefit from!
  • Triathlon Training. Jennifer Lopez had twins and still manages to amazing everyone with how great she looks. Part of her secret is triathlon training. A mix of swimming, running and biking test her fitness level and helped her to shed unwanted pounds.
  • Sports. Lopez is an avid sports fan and an even bigger fan of a little friendly competition. When she has free time, Lopez enjoys playing all sports. She has a very competitive nature. She told Shape Magazine, she “loves to get in the game.”

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Mary May 29, 2012 at 6:11 pm

I really can’t remember when I last saw JLo as a fat and chubby woman but the way she has maintained her looks at 40 is still amazing. She appears to be in her late twenties.


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