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The secret to the perfect lean body of the famous Hollywood star Joe Manganiello is the strict workout routine and a protein rich diet.

Joe Manganiello Workout RoutineJoe Manganiello is one of the finest Hollywood actors. The regimented Joe Manganiello workout routine, his BFA degree (an acting degree) and his protein diet have helped this theater actor become one of the leading actors of Hollywood and was best recognized for his roles in ER, One Tree Hill and How I Met Your Mother.  Later, he landed a major role as Alcide Herveaux the werewolf on the hit series on HBO, True Blood.

Joe Manganiello Workout Philosophy

Upon reading the books that True Blood the series was based upon, Joe Manganiello learned the werewolf Alcide had biceps that were boulder-sized. He also found out that wolves are able to run at speeds of 50 miles in one go. The defining characteristics required agility and brute strength; Manganiello needed to show off his ripped physique by cutting out his body fat.

The actor was constantly thought out to be a pro football player because of his huge frame. He was then put on a program that consisted of high repetitions, low-weight and cardio-intensive training. Through exercise and workout, he was able to drop 15 pounds of body fat of which the percentage was lowered to 8 percent from 18. The workout transformed his muscles to grow more limber and longer while increasing his endurance and making him much lighter when on foot. With the Joe Manganiello workout, he wasn’t only prepped into looking a certain way; he was also made to move a particular way.

Joe Manganiello Workout Routine For True Blood

Joe’s workout philosophy is to exercise regularly i.e. 6 days a week and twice a day! He starts off with a cardio session on a stomach that is empty. The cardio is kept on low intensity so that he burns only fat and not any of his muscles. When evening comes, he goes on weight training without repeating workout by changing sets, reps and exercises.

Here is how a typical week for Joe Manganiello looks:


Joe Manganiello Workout

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Morning: Elliptical
Evening: Chest, legs


Morning: Interval sprinting
Evening: Triceps, back


Morning: Elliptical
Evening: Biceps, shoulders


Morning: Interval sprinting
Evening: Chest, legs


Morning: Elliptical
Evening: Triceps, back


Morning: Interval sprinting
Evening: Biceps, shoulders



Joe Manganiello Ab Workout Routine

If you want to get a body like Joe Manganiello then follow his six pack abs workout exercise. Each exercise must be done one after the other in three rounds.

V Shape Bridge Press Up: Reps 15

Start off in a press up stance, arms straight ahead and a Swiss ball supporting your feet. Do a press up and then from the waist, bend and then bring your legs and torso to an angle that is about 45 degrees. Return to starting stance.

Bicycle: Reps 25 (Each side)

Lie flat on back with legs raised and bent knees at a 90 degree angle. Clasp hands behind the head and pretend you are on a bike, cycling your legs up in the air. Attempt to touch an opposite elbow up to the closest knee to make a rep.

Crunches: Rep 25

For this exercise, lie on your back and bend your knees. While keeping your feet flat on the floor, tighten your abs towards your knees to raise your shoulders and head.

Hip Drop: Reps 15 (Each side)

Lie with left arm on floor and keep torso straight. Raise up your hips and form a shape similar to the triangle between the floor and your left arm. Slowly bring your hips down to the floor and return to starting position.

Joe Manganiello Werewolf Diet Secret

Joe Manganiello depends on a protein-rich diet to maintain his lean and perfect masculine body. For his role as a werewolf in True Blood, he followed a rigorous, studious and disciplined work out and diet schedule.

Joe Manganiello DietJoe Manganiello lessened his intake of processed foods, sweets, junk and fast food. He stayed on a 2500 calorie diet in order to go from 240 pounds with an 18% body fat down to about 230 with only 8% body fat. He converted his body into an engine that burned protein and it was fed constantly. There was no set time for his meals but instead he listened to when his body was hungry. The result was a meal spread out every 2-3 hours which totaled to about five meals a day.

The Joe Manganiello diet involves eating a hearty breakfast each morning. This helps keep him energized throughout the day. It is also important not to let himself go hungry. This avoids overeating or indulging on unhealthy snacks like fast or fried food. When this is done together with a workout, you will see results fast.

Follow the strict Joe Manganiello workout routine, if you want to get a body like Joe Manganiello. However, make sure you consume a diet rich in proteins and amino acids as the workout is quite intense.

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