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Get killer abs of a Greek God with the Kellan Lutz workout.

Kellan Lutz Workout“Twilight” heartthrob Kellan Lutz may look effortlessly chiseled, but his workout plan to get those ripped abs is no joke. If you want amazing abs, try the Kellan Lutz workout for a sexy physique of your own. You’ll have mortals everywhere swooning in no time.

Immortal Charm

Kellan Lutz’s rugged good looks helped catapult the North Dakota native into a successful modeling and acting career. Kellan grew up in the Midwest and Arizona then headed to California to attend Chapman University and pursue a degree in engineering. He eventually abandoned his studies to pursue his dream of acting.

As a teenager, Kellan’s athletic physique and natural good looks helped him land some modeling jobs, and in 1987, he landed a small role on the classic soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Kellan acted in several subsequent TV shows, including “The Comeback” and “Generation Kill,” before he got his big break and was cast as Emmett Cullen in the hugely popular “Twilight” movies. Kellan also played the Greek God Poseidon in the 2011 movie “Immortals.”

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Kellan’s Killer Body

Through his modeling and acting career, Kellan has become known for his washboard abs and chiseled good looks. Whether it’s the racy Calvin Klein underwear ads he appeared in or the flexing Greek God in “Immortals,” Kellan has won over many a lass with his flawless physique.

Kellan grew up participating in sports, he told Men’s Health, but he didn’t realize how alluring his abs were until an eighth grade graduation party, he said, “when I took off my shirt, all the girls were like, ‘Oh, look at your abs! And I was like, ‘Yeah!’”

Kellan’s Workout Philosophy

Kellan’s six-pack abs and bulging biceps are the results of an ongoing exercise routine. Kellan was active early on, playing sports as he grew up. He has played football, basketball, tennis, racquetball, baseball, lacrosse, swam, ran track and done weight training.

A gym-goer and workout fan since college, Kellan considered becoming a Navy SEAL before his acting career took off.

The main themes of Kellan’s workout program have been variety and consistency. Although he has participated in many sports and hit the gym on his own for years, Kellan sticks to one common theme: full-body workouts that mix cardio and strength training.

Kellan Lutz’s Workout Secrets Revealed

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Kellan Lutz Workout Routine

The actor found a fitness focus as he prepared for acting roles in the past few years. While filming the HBO series “Generation Kill” in 2007, Kellan and his co-stars on set in the African desert challenged each other in fitness contests such as sit-ups and push-ups battles. Kellan and his peers practiced strength training exercises using just his their own body weight for resistance.

Here is a sample Kellan Lutz workout that combines the calorie-burning benefits of cardio work with the strengthening and toning benefits of calisthenics:

  • 10 minutes of cardio to warm up
  • Core workout: Three sets of 60 to 90 second planks. Repeat for side planks.
  • Three sets of 20 push-ups
  • Two sets of 20 lunges on each leg
  • 10 minutes of cardio to cool down

Kellan is also a fan of doing vigorous cardio workouts on his own, such as running, or swimming in his pool with his dog. For an intense cardio workout like Kellan’s, do a 30-minute run or 30 minutes of lap swimming. Cardio workouts will help you burn off excess fat, allowing your abs and arm muscles to show.

Kellan Lutz Working Out

In preparation for “Immortals,” Kellan did a lot of fitness training on his own, by running coupled with push-ups, lunges and pull-ups. Here’s how to get in a full-body Kellan Lutz workout:

  • 10 minutes of slow running to warm up
  • 20 push-ups
  • 5 minutes of running at a faster pace, at about 80 percent effort level
  • 20 lunges, 10 on each side
  • 5 minutes of running at 80 percent effort level
  • 20 push-ups
  • 5 minutes of running at 80 percent effort level
  • 20 lunges, 10 on each side
  • 10 minutes of slow running to cool down

Kellan Lutz Workout Diet Plan

Kellan grew up in a large family without much money, he told Men’s Health, so he was used to eating “whatever we got,” he said.

After he moved to California and became more health-conscious, Kellan changed his eating habits to become healthier. He cut out fast food and began eating more frequent, smaller meals.

For a Kellan Lutz diet, eat a small meal every 2 to 3 hours to keep your energy levels up and metabolism running smoothly. Also, don’t skimp on breakfast, as it revs up your metabolism for the day and makes you less likely to overeat out of hunger later on.

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