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Marisa Miller Bikini Body

Supermodel Marisa Miller shares her diet plan and exercise secrets on how she stays fit, sexy and looking fabulous.

With a beautiful physique that matches her stunning face, everyone wants to know the diet secrets of Marisa Miller. While the Victoria’s Secret cover model as well as model for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues has wowed the world, like anyone else in great shape, Marisa Miller works hard to make her beauty look effortless.

“I’m 100 percent natural, but I have to work hard to stay in shape. There’s no magic pill. Believe me, if there was, I’d know about it.”

The Marisa Miller Diet Philosophy

If you want to be successful at your diet, get naked. Marisa Miller has found that having an awareness of your own body is crucial to your success on any diet and fitness plan. She says the best way to do that is to take a good, hard look at it on a regular basis.

“When you’re trying to lose weight, spend more time wearing less,” Miller told USA Today. “I don’t think I could eat a plate of nachos naked – could you?”

Focus on Health

The Marisa Miller Diet focuses on organic, all natural food that keeps her in good health. Still, she isn’t immune to the occasional weight gain. Soon after her marriage to music producer Griffin Guess, the model found her curves getting a little too…curvy.

“My husband is really tall and skinny and can eat whatever he wants,” Miller told Fox News. “Of course I thought I could eat whatever I want to, but no, it doesn’t work like that.”

While the model knows staying slim and sexy is part of the job, she also knows the importance of keeping those trademark curves. And she also prone to the occasional indulgence. The supermodel professes her weakness and love for cheeseburgers, macaroni and cheese, Mexican food, and egg-and-cheese croissants.

“When I indulge, I eat protein and veggies for the rest of the day,” Miller told Cosmopolitan magazine. “It really is all about moderation and balance.”

Marisa Miller Bikini Body DietMarisa Miller Bikini Body Diet

Miller doesn’t believe in strict no-carb diets. While the model avoids white carbs, she throws in a little maple syrup, milk, and slice bananas on her oatmeal each morning. The model advises eating a heavy breakfast and then making the rest of your daily meals light.

Snacking isn’t out of the question, either. The Marisa Miller Diet includes occasional snacks of apples and Laughing Cow cheese, a spreadable cheese product made from milk, cream, and fresh and aged cheeses. For dessert, the model favors fiber bars or bananas or strawberries with chocolate lightly drizzled on top.

To keep things healthy and natural, the Marisa Miller diet includes consistently choosing foods that are organic espousing the benefits of brown rice and veggies.

Her diet also places an emphasis on fruits and vegetables, eschewing chemical, boxed food in favor of food that is carefully prepared from scratch. While this can be challenging for a model with a busy schedule like Marisa Miller’s, the payoff comes in the form of having a figure envied by many while also being healthy.

Staying Active

In addition to good eating habits, Marisa Miller also workouts to stay active. Her health mantra:

“Working out is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.”

The supermodel makes surfing a part of her daily life, placing second in a celebrity surfing competition and even has her own line of female-oriented paddle boards. She’s been active all her life and has been going to the gym regularly since young, preferring to stay in shape through Pilates and strength training and toning.

While traveling, the model uses resistant bands to stay in shape in her hotel room. She also boxes and attends spin class to keep her figure. By keeping variety in her workout routine, Miller is able to blast away calories while keeping the exercise fun and interesting.

“When I have a big shoot or show coming up, I work with a trainer for an hour a day,” Marisa says. “I tell her, ‘I want to keep my curves but I want to look toned.”

Pilates is great for toning without losing shape. The exercise combines stretching, breathing, and stretching in order to improve oxygen flow to muscles. Not only is the workout ideal for keeping a great physique, it helps Miller with flexibility and balance – two important qualities for a model on the catwalk.

The following are some of her workout routines revealed in Cosmopolitan magazine:

Marisa Miller Cosmo Fitness

By following Marisa Miller diet plan and workout tips, any women can look to improve and obtain the same fabulous looking body similar to the Victoria’s Secret cover model.

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