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Voted as no. 1 on VH1′s 40 Hottest Hotties of the 90′s, Mark Wahlberg’s good looks – and perfect physique – has both men and women dying to know what are the secrets to Mark Wahlberg’s workout.

Mark Wahlberg WorkoutThe rapper-turned-actor doesn’t mess with fancy exercises to help get him in fighting shape, however. Instead, he relies on the basics, using bodyweight exercises, core work and some weighed ab work. Now hitting his 40s, Wahlberg is considered to be in the best shape of his life, and his super-lean abs certainly don’t lie. Here’s how the movie star keeps his lean physique all year round.

The Philosophy On His Workout

Walhberg’s workout philosophy developed in the most surprising of circumstances – during a 45-day imprisonment stemming from assault charges. The then 16 year old, who had been in trouble for most of his teenage life, he finally decided to take out his aggressions in the weight room.

“Instead of hanging out on the corner, I’d go to the gym,” Wahlberg told Men’s Health. “The gym was in the exact opposite direction from the trouble.”

His dedication to fitness eventually turned his life around, transforming him from incarcerated criminal to rapper, Calvin Klein underwear model, and in the 90′s, an actor. The Fighter star ultimately believes fitness changed his life because it kept him out of trouble. In essence, exercise helpled him improve other areas in his life, trasnforming his entire lifestyle.

When it comes to exercise, Wahlberg keeps it simple, hard and fast. Although he did some core work for The Fighter, ab exercises are rarely in his routine. Instead, you’ll find plenty of hard-hitting, compound lifting work, tuning up its intensity for increased effectiveness. And cardio? Not part of his philosophy. He reportedly hates cardio – he would rather watch chicken roast!

Mark Wahlberg Workout For The Fighter

To prepare for The Fighter, Wahlberg dedicated himself to the boxing lifestyle.

Mark Wahlberg The FighterAfter a quick warmup, he split his workout into short, 5 minute sessions with the double-end bag, the speed bag, and the heavy bag to build strength and speed. After a quick rest, he mixed in real-life sparring with some quick boxing mitt activity to keep up his endurance. This routine, which he repeated daily, helped him develop a lean, muscled boxing physique – not too bulky, but not too skinny either.

To amp up the intensity, the Mark Wahlberg workout also included a 30 to 40 minute weight training session. He didn’t play around with long repetitions or toning workouts – he supersetted his exercises (a term used to describe two exercises performed back to back) and split his workouts into a 3-day routine. Here’s how his typical strength routine routine was split up:

  • Monday: Biceps, legs and back
  • Tuesday: Triceps, chest, shoulders
  • Wednesday: Biceps, legs
  • Thursday: Off
  • Friday: Off
  • Saturday: Biceps, legs and back
  • Sunday: Triceps, chest, shoulders

Some core work was also included, but the Mark Wahlberg workout keeps it light – the actor is notorious for doing minimal ab work. During his off days, he does a little cardio, but not too much. He’s not a big cardio fan, so the less, the better. He gets his heart pumping through weight lifting instead.

Mark Wahlberg Diet and Supplement Plan

Mark Wahlberg DietOf course, his body wasn’t just made in the weight room – it was also made in the kitchen. To fuel his intense workouts while keeping lean, Wahlberg eats a diet rich in red meat but low in carbohydrates. He doesn’t get too fancy with his diet either, but does not eat any carbohydrates past 6 p.m., which is widely believed to cause weight gain. He limits sugar and starch vegetables as well, but indulges in meat, cheese and leafy vegetables with a low carbohydrate count.

He’s also not big on supplements – diet pills are a big no no for him. Instead, his diet and fitness regimen serves as his weight loss aid. He keeps it clean and simple to keep in shape, and it’s clearly working out for him.

Although the simplicity of the Mark Wahlberg workout is attractive, keep in mind that it is extremely intense – it isn’t for the average Joe with little exercise experience.

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