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Who is not familiar with Ryan Kwanten, the super hunk Jason Stackhouse in the HBQ TV series “True Blood”? The Ryan Kwanten workout is what creates such a hot, sexy body.

Ryan Kwanten WorkoutAn Australian actor born and bred in Sydney, Ryan Kwanten started his career in 1997 as Vinnie Patterson in the Australian sitcom “Home and Away”. He played the role for almost 5 years until 2002. In 2004, he was cast as Jay Robertson in “Summerland” a teen oriented American drama series that lasted all of 26 episodes. It wasn’t until in 2008 when Ryan landed the role of the prototypical Southern bad boy of “True Blood” that people start to notice his acting and lean, muscular body.

Philosophy Of Ryan Kwanten Workout

In spite of looking like a poster boy for physical fitness, it is said that Ryan Kwanten did not get his super body in the gym. The workout by Ryan Kwanten is basically almost every physical activity that you could think of – surfing, running, triathlon, swimming, biking and body weight exercises that include situps, pushups, jump rope, pull ups and more. He has also done boxing in his younger years.

Ryan Kwanten works out about 2 ½ hours daily, every day, all year round. It’s a very rigorous exercise routine that Ryan intersperses with biking, running, shadow boxing, yoga and other extreme cardio exercises. This dynamic and varied workout regimen saves Ryan from the monotony and boredom of a gym at the same time working out various muscle systems without overtaxing any one particular muscle system.

To play the role of the usually shirtless Jason in “True Blood”, Ryan did not need to go through any special toning up or workout. His being physically fit is a way of life with or without the role and he is not the type of guy who would need to go on a crash workout program to look and be fit for a role.

Ryan’s very competitive nature fuels his workouts which are mostly done outside, in nature, by joining contests such as bikathons, swimming races, biathlons and the like. Joining these competitions provides Ryan the determination to succeed in other areas of his life. His preference for sports accounts for his competitiveness drives and his desire to be the champion or winner, and that makes him a very tenacious and dogged person who will rise up after every defeat and try again until he succeeds.

Ryan Kwanten Workout Routine

Get the workouts that will give you the Ryan Kwanten lean, muscular Hollywood look!

Ryan Kwanten Favorite Workout Routine

The following are some of Ryan’s favorite workouts:

Running – A relentless, brisk running pace to elevate the body’s temperature, preparing the muscle and heart for the exertion that follow. Give this around 2 minutes.

Pushups or Press Ups – Do 2 minutes of pushups after jogging or

Sprint – Do 6 x 30 second sprints – pausing in between

Planks – 2 minutes of planks will build endurance for the abs and back

Supine Jack Knife – jackknifing and trying to reach your toes with your fingers from a prone position with leg raised in an L with the body for 2 minutes will tighten the tummy. Pause for every one or two counts in between the repetitions.

Shadow Boxing – shadow box as though it’s the last round of a fight and the winner has not been decided. Do it in 4 ½ minutes.

Ryan Kwanten Diet Plan

Ryan Kwanten WorkoutRyan is into a “Paleo Style Diet” also called hunter- gatherer, caveman or Stone Age diet. The foundation of this diet is the assumed diet of the human species during the Stone Age, about 2.5 million years ago, which basically consists of wild animals and plants.

Ryan Kwanten’s paleo style diet is comprised principally of fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, root crops and nuts. It does not include salt, legumes, grains, dairy products, processed oils and refined sugar. Because this diet is low carb, insulin level is controlled and fat is burned. But Ryan also is not afraid to have a bottle of beer every once in a while even though he prefers water or a protein drink.

Follow Ryan Kwanten diet and eat the healthiest food with the Paleo Recipe Book

Ryan can be an inspiration for anyone who wants to stay fit. It takes fitness out of the gym and puts it into more competitive and interesting sports. His eating plan, while restrictive, is possible to follow. The Ryan Kwanten workout shows that you don’t have to be a gym rat to have the lean, muscular look that Hollywood loves.

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