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Taylor Kitsch, star of John Carter and Battleship shares his workout and diet secrets for staying fit and lean.

Taylor Kitsch WorkoutWhen people ask Taylor Kitsch about his workout for staying lean and fit, the star of Friday Night Lights and John Carter doesn’t run from the conversation. In fact, the actor has made physical fitness an important part of his life since childhood.

Taylor Kitsch grew up in Canada, where he played junior ice hockey for the Langley Hornets until a knee injury halted his athletic aspirations. Soon after, he moved to New York to pursue a career as a model, but his athletic side still keeps him very active.

Taylor Kitsch Workout Philosophy

When it comes to working out, for Taylor Kitsch’s philosophy can be summed up in one word: variety. To get his buffed body while filming Friday Night Lights, the actor joined a boxing gym in his hometown of Texas.

Even while boxing, the actor likes to mix things up. He’ll do three minutes of intense boxing, take one minute off, then go back in for another three minutes. While he believes in varying his exercises widely,his workout always involves some form of interval training.

“Keeping up that pace revs up my metabolism and keeps it there all day,” Kitsch says.

While at the boxing ring, the actor also worked in some time on the punching bag and jumping rope. He found that boxing not only kept him in shape, but sharpened his mind.

Taylor Kitsch John Carter Workout

In order to get those killer abs you see on screen in the film John Carter, Taylor Kitsch headed back to the gym, which proved to be a challenge with the film’s six-day shooting weeks. He underwent the usual exercises to get in shape, the actor says, including one and a half hours of high-intensity cardio intervals each day.

Cardio intervals like the ones used in Kitsch’s workout incorporate high-intensity exercises with lower-intensity ones. High-intensity training is used by many athletes and is very effective in burning fat fast. This form of training has allow Taylor to sculpt his ripped 8-pack abs in the shortest amount of time. There is no one set of exercises used in interval training, but Kitsch prefers running and intense boxing, alternating with walking and less intense boxing.

In addition to standard workouts, Taylor Kitsch also underwent intense training to prepare for his role as a former Confederate cavalry officer who accidentally ends up on Mars. Kitsch successfully endured sword training, band work, and wire training for the role. This provided the upper body workout Kitsch needed while getting him ready for the movie.

To duplicate outside of a movie set, one can use weights in the place of a sword, twisting and moving as though you were training for a real swordfight.

Taylor Kitsch John Carter Workout

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On finding motivation to hit the gym, Kitsch says:

“You’re never going to regret going to the gym. When you have your workout behind you, you feel a lot better. You have this energy that probably 90 percent of people aren’t going to have today because they didn’t do it. So it just gives you a kick-start.”

Taylor Kitsch Workout for Battleship

In the movie Battleship, Kitsch combined regular gym workouts with time in a L.A.-based private boxing gym to prepare for the role. At the gym, the actor combines his interval-based boxing routine with sprints.

Gym manager David Paul put the actor through his paces every day, beginning with a grueling leg warm-up that was quickly followed by abdominal exercises. Paul then took Kitsch through a series of sprints combined with jabs and uppercuts, followed by ring work.

Taylor KitschIt was actually Battleship’s director, Peter Berg, who introduced Kitsch to boxing. The two were taping the show Friday Night Lights when the director invited everyone on the cast to the gym with him. Kitsch was the only one who showed up.

“Taylor’s a legitimate athlete,” the director says.

Great boxing exercises include shadow boxing and sparring. Many boxing gyms incorporate running and weight training into all workouts. While working out for Battleship, Kitsch spent time on the speed bag, which is a small bag that hangs from the ceiling and encourages rapid-fire punching. This helps him improve hand-eye coordination and provide a great workout.

He also worked out on the large punching bag which gave Kitsch a great workout while preparing him for his battle scenes.

Taylor Kitsch Diet For Staying Lean

No Taylor Kitsch workout would be complete without a healthy diet. Kitsch always begins his day with a diet of oatmeal, egg whites, protein shakes, and chicken breasts to get the protein needed for the toned bod you see in his upcoming movies.

In an interview with Men’s Health, Kitsch also revealed that his secrets to staying lean is reducing the number of carbohydrates intakes as the day wores on so as to prevent excess fat storage. It is a principle supported by science as researchers have found that one’s body’s ability to metabolize carbs drops as the day goes on, so more end up stored as fat. For Kitsch, that means eating most of his carbs at breakfast and cutting back on the amount after every meal thereafter.

In addition to cutting back on carbs, Kitsch also stay away from sugar and flour such breads, baked foods and pasta since these food types stimulates the release of the hormone insulin to signal the body to stop burning and start storing fat.

Kitsch attended the Universith of Lethbridge in Alberta, where he studied to be a nutritionist. While Kitsch dropped out of school to pursue his career, his schoolwork has paid off in his disciplined eating and regular workouts as an actor.

The most important part of the Taylor Kitsch workout philosophy is to find something you love to do. If you are motivated to look good, you’ll stick with the workout and diet, ensuring long-lasting results and helping you maintain your optimal physics.

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