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Zac Efron, the dashing young “High School Musical” star, transformed from a scrawny teen into a lean, chiseled man on the set of “Charlie St. Cloud”. You too can get his sexy, lean look that makes the ladies go gaga by following his workout routine and diet plan.

High Praises

Zac Efron WorkoutZac Efron’s stellar singing abilities helped him get his start as a performer in productions such as “Gypsy,” “Peter Pan,” “The Music Man” and “Little Shop of Horrors” as a child.

The California native’s boyish good looks – characterized by his dark hair and stunning blue eyes – also didn’t hurt. Zac went on to act in several TV shows, including “ER,” “Summerland” and “Robot Chicken.”

His big break came he landed a starring role in “High School Musical,” where he won over audiences everywhere with his singing and acting skills.

In recent years, the 24-year-old actor has played in movies such as “17 Again” and “New Year’s Eve.”

In the last few years, Zac has blossomed from a charming teen into a chiseled, lean man with six-pack abs that cause the ladies to swoon wherever he goes. Zac was spotted sporting muscular arms and abs on the set of “Charlie St. Cloud” in 2010 and has rocked a muscular, lean bod since then.

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A Buff Zac Efron In Charlie St. Cloud Trailer

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Zac Efron Workout Philosophy

Zac’s transformation from skinny teen to lean Hollywood heartthrob shows the star’s dedication to exercise. Zac’s “Charlie St. Cloud” on-set trainer Ramona Braganza said in an interview with Seventeen that Zac is dedicated to fitness and working out five to six times a week to prepare for his “Charlie St. Cloud” role.

Zac’s fun-loving personality and his drive help him enjoy working out and allow him to stick to a fitness program. Although he enjoys workouts, Zac doesn’t slack on the discipline, as he worked out at 6 a.m. five or six days a week on the set of “Charlie St. Cloud.”

Zac supplements his fitness routines with some daredevil fun with activities including rock climbing, skiing, surfing and snowboarding.

Zac Efron Workout Plan

The Zac Efron Workout is a full-body routine that strengthens and tones muscles while burning calories to maintain a lean physique. The Zac Efron workout program does not build bulky muscles but instead creates a lean, chiseled look characterized by six-pack abs and a strong upper body.

Here is a strength training routine to get ripped abs and arms like Zac:

  • Three sets of 10 dips
  • Two sets of 20 lunges on each leg, with weights
  • Two sets of 10 on the bench press
  • 3 sets of 20 push-ups
  • Two sets of 15 squats with weights
  • Three sets of 15 medicine ball crunches
  • Three sets of 10 medicine ball Russian twists on each side
  • Two sets of 20 medicine ball jump squats

Do the Zac Efron workout program above twice a week for strength training and add a third day of strength training with a TRX band, which Zac was spotted working out with while in Louisiana filming for the film “The Paperboy”.

Zac Efron Working Out With A TRX

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Cardio is the second key ingredient of the Zac Efron workout plan. Do cardio workouts five times a week to burn calories and keep your body fat down, so those rippling muscles can shine through. Here is a sample Zac Efron weekly cardio training plan:

Day 1: Hike in mountains or walk up hills for 45 minutes

Day 2: Run at an easy pace for 30 minutes

Day 3: Swim laps for 30 minutes

Day 4: Run 5 minutes slow, 2 minutes fast at 90% effort level then run 2 minutes slow. Repeat to run 2 minutes fast and 2 minutes slow for a total of 20 minutes (5 cycles). Cool down with a 5-minute jog.

Day 5: Run at an easy pace for 30 minutes

Zac Efron Diet

As a native Californian, Zac Efron is a healthy eater and consumes small, frequent snacks and meals to stay energized for all his workouts. He incorporates extra protein in his diet to help build muscle mass. Protein helped Zac transition from skinny to ripped.

For the Zac Efron diet, eat plenty of protein to help with muscle recovery and strengthening after workouts. Have a protein shake an hour before workouts and one again after weight workouts. Eat a meal an hour and a half before intense workouts to stay energized. Snack on protein bars for a healthy treat.

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Stephen Ross May 28, 2012 at 10:30 am

Hey I like the cardio work-out, it looks like a great way to keep fit and to build on muscle. I’m going to try this for a few weeks to see if it helps, I’m sure it will. Looking forward to seeing the results, I will be back to mention what the results are like.


Michael June 8, 2012 at 11:10 pm

That’s it? That’s so easy. I’m so going to do this. Summer hasn’t even started so I have time to get ready for he beach. I can do this routine even without weights just using bodyweight.


John Paul March 7, 2013 at 6:33 am

These workout plans are very useful to make a fit and shaped body. Video is also very interesting. I am also following these tips and hoping to get a good result.


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